Thursday, January 24, 2008

Timber Jim...Retired...Say it ain't so

Timber Jim, a long-time entertainer for the Portland Timbers soccer team, announced his retirement from the club Thursday.
According to the Portland Timbers Web site, Jim Serrill, better known as Timber Jim, will make a final appearance at PGE Park on April 17, when the Timbers host the Puerto Rico Islanders.
Serrill and his chainsaw have been a big part of Timbers matches since 1978, when the club was part of the North American Soccer League. He cuts off a log slab after every Timbers goal . The Timbers are searching for a new icon or mascot to replace Serrill.

In fairness, I found that with the last 3 or 4 games of this past season, when there were crowds of 12-15,000, and the Timbers Army swelled to massive numbers, that I felt Timber Jim's purpose was to help the non-standing fans get vocally involved- still a valuable service. However, I can't remember Jim leading too many cheers in the Army sections during the playoff games. Credit to Jim because the Army would not be as large as it is/can be without his help, passion, support, and leadership.

Timber Jim has been essential to the support from Timbers fans. His service to the club should never be forgotten. Thank you.

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