Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who's House? Wicks' House

The Portland Timbers announced today that goalkeeper Josh Wicks will return for the 2008 season – his second with the club. After a breakout performance with the Timbers last season, Wicks was named the 2007 USL First Division Goalkeeper of the Year.

I was impressed with Wicks this past year, despite missing the admirable Josh Saunders between the pipes. Wicks won the "goalkeeper of the year" award, which is a good sign that he is at least an above-average USL keeper. However, I always had the sneaking suspicion that the defense in front of Wicks was such a significant contributor that Wicks' statistics flattered him in the end.

Well, we've got another year to look him over and I'm happy that another cornerstone of last year's team is back in place. One thing the Timbers have missed over the years is continuity in the roster. I firmly believe in new blood to stoke the competitive fires for roster spots, but it will certainly be nice to know the general layout of the team before April begins.

I can't wait for the never-ending offseason to end.

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