Thursday, October 22, 2009

Offseason Wish List

1) A new Forward
Keita did the business this year, but he isn't the Real Deal- yet. Maybe I should be patient, and give the kid some time. But I want another dangerous forward that defenses are afraid of.

While watching the Northwest Derby, it was clear that Fredy Montero, and even Nate Jaqua, are a class above Keita. If we could add another forward, of Keita's quality or above, I think the Timbers will be playoff favorites next season.

2) Re-sign the Stars
In no particular order, Gavin Wilkinson needs to lock up next year's contracts for:
-Stephen Keel
-David Hayes
-Ryan Pore (who's already locked for 2010, if I'm not mistaken)
-Scot Thompson: After the first couple games, Scot re-entered the lineup, and the Timbers defense was the better for it. He's still the face of the Club.

3) Cameron Knowles, heal thyself!
-We need you for all of next year. It's clear that part of the drop-off at the end of 2009 was because the defense missed you. Be patient, and come back next year healthier and stronger.

4) Arrange solid friendlies
-Liked the Burnley friendly this year, but how about this:
-1st Division Mexican club (who bring their starters)
-European 1st team, with an American on their Roster. I'm thinking... Rennes (Carlos Bocanegra) or Hannover 96 (Steve Cherundolo- a Northwest native, no?)
-Celtic, just a personal favorite

5) Work out the USL vs. Team Owners Association fight, so that I can stop being worried about whether the 2010 season is going to happen at all!

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