Friday, February 26, 2010

Even more new Timbers

Timbers add 3 new players. I like 1, but the jury's out on the other 2.

GK: Matt Pyzdrowski, a recent graduate of Marquette U.

Mid: Derek Gaudet, a Canadian U-23 and recent National Team camp callup.

Fwd: Doug DeMartin, 2008 KC Wizards draftee

I think Gaudet is a very promising signing. He's still developing and his international experience is a big plus. The jury's out on the other 2.

*3rd GK? Adding Pyzdrowski means the Timbers have 3 'keepers: Cronin, Adin Brown, and Pyzdrowski. Why 3 GK? That's a lot of payroll for a position that requires 2 people, at best- when you can find a loanee from an MLS team, in a pinch.

Does this mean Visser is out of the picture? Are the Timbers covering all their bases, in case an MLS team comes in for Cronin (who had a nice loan spell with DC United at the end of last season) or Brown doesn't come back to full fitness?

My prediction: I don't think that all 3 keepers will be on the roster by the end of the season. Either Brown won't come back to full fitness from his injury or Cronin will move on to greener pastures. I hope Cronin stays because he really grew on me last season, beginning with his passion on display during the Northwest Derby.

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