Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mid-term Grades

I've been out of town until recently, and have only been able to watch games on (which is FREE and is essential to fans of American soccer).

So here are my Midterm grades:

Forwards: B
-Scoring some goals, and Keita is developing. But I'm not quite confident that this is a first-class strike force.

Midfield: A
-GREATLY improved over last year. Now there's pace aplently from Farber, a hometown kid in Nimo, and pace & skill from Pore.

Defense: A
-Solid as a rock. Scot with 1 T is still my favorite player. But the defense has something to contribute this year, in addition to shutouts, and it's the crossing and set-pieces of David Hayes. But Gavin, give the fella a rest once in awhile!

Goalkeeping: B+
-It's nice to finally have a permanent goalkeeper after last year's rent-a-goalie fiasco. Cronin has all the physical tools, and is developing confidence and familiarity with the backline. I just hope he stays healthy, because Visser has potential- but is not a starting USL-1 goalkeeper at this point. (A nice pickup would be Wilmington's GK who looked impressive in US Open Cup wins against Carolina and Chicago).

The Boss: A-
-Great improvement on personnel, especially speed in the midfield (which is a necessity in this division), and the team truly has a winning mentality.

It's been a great start to the season. And I'm happy being back in the Rose City. I caught my first game of the season against Montreal and it was fantastic. The team was confident; the team played like goals were inevitable. And it was nice to be back in the Army atmosphere, rather than staring at a computer screen in the dead of night.

I want the First Division Trophy!

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