Sunday, April 8, 2007

MLS coming to Portland

A group of investors, led by Ben Stutz of JB Equities of Portland, are trying to bring MLS to Portland. It seems like a solid ownership group. I'm not sure whether the stadium issue will be a problem because PGE Park, despite its ideal downtown location, needs a grass field (instead of the turf carpet it currently uses), and other minor tweaks. The $30 Milllion price tag for an ownership stake in MLS seems prohibitively expensive, with the league also asking the new ownership to build a brand-new soccer specific stadium.

If Mr. Stutz, and others, can bring MLS to Portland, they will have a tremendously passionate and knowledgable fan base to build the club on. Also, there isn't much competition in the city, despite the relative merits of the Trail Blazers and the always-awesome Roller Derby.

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