Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Power Rankings

1) Houston: added midfield depth and experience with Mulrooney, with Kelly Gray sticking to the back line from now on.

2) New England: will be a contender once they resolve Shalrie Joseph's contract situation.

3) Kansas City: their team looks decisive on the attack, like everyone has bought into the system and knows exactly what to do in order to attack the defense. However, it will be interesting to see them at home against a team who bunkers more than DC United (at RFK). That will be a situation where signing Marinelli may help unlock a stubborn defense

4) Colorado: Great home team who looks solid from front to back. I love their ability to maintain possession, until somebody gets red-carded.

5) DC United: shaky defense with no depth. What happens if Boswell gets called up to the Nats?

6) Chivas: Still looking for a break-out game from Galindo to legitimize his partnership with Razov. Suarez looks old.

7) FC Dallas: This team will take some time to click with the new coach, players, and formation.

8) L.A. Galaxy: I thought Yallop was suprisingly tactically out-classed by Morrow in the Dallas match. Yallop never adjusted his formation to go around the clogged center midfield. Albright is not the answer on the right flank.

9) Chicago: Two 1-goal games is a tough start. Barrett and Rolfe haven't quite merged their partnership up front, and besides Mapp there isn't a strong link through the midfield.

10) RB New York: Great goals against FC Dallas. I'm looking forward to seeing Reyna pull the strings in an offense that is accumulating weapons all over the field. Richards is emerging as a constant threat when he's on the field. I don't see the defensive depth every team in MLS needs over the course of the season. Can't wait to see Juan Pablo Angel terrorize Toronto's shaky D.

11) Columbus: Will Scheletto help them find a goal? Big home game against New England on thursday. 3 games without a goal spells doom. Why is Herron playing as a flanker? Pull Garey and throw Ngwenya on the left flank, with Gaven/Scheletto on the right. Let Grabavoy dictate the pace of the game with Szetela/Oughton and Nails behind him for protection.

12) Real Salt Lake: 2 home games without a win isn't a great way to start the season. Adu's still trying to figure out his position. I think I'm one of the few who hopes Ellinger gets the first half of the season to let his attack gel. So much for that game-changing Tejada? what a waste of a press conference.

13) Toronto FC: Upgraded their defense this week with Goldwaithe and Wynne. Here comes the attacking 4-4-2, especially once O'Brien comes back to add some fire.

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