Monday, November 19, 2007

2007 Expansion Draft for San Jose Earthquakes

Here's a list from Steve Goff for the exposed players in this year's expansion draft. San Jose (who I compliment on the new black-and-blue uniforms) can select 1 player from each team, for a grand total of 11 players.

Here's who I would choose:

There is some real quality in the 2007 Expansion draft. Here’s who I would choose in the San Jose expansion draft:

1) Ramon Nunez
2) Ivan Guerrero
3) Conor Casey
4) Ned Grabavoy
5) Dario Sala
6) Greg Vanney
7) Ryan Cochrane
8) Jose Burciaga
9) Kelly Gray
10) Andy Dorman/James Riley
11) Andrew Boyens

Casey Nunez

Guerrero Grabavoy Dorman

Burciaga Vanney Cochrane



Bench: Andrew Boyens

I think it's a pretty strong starting 11. Certainly there is more talent there than existed in Salt Lake City and Toronto.

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miles said...

That's not really a good team. However, if the Earthquakes take all of our good players and win the MLS cup, then ill be pissed off.