Friday, November 2, 2007

I (almost) own part of a football club


From the website:

"For the first time in football history, fans have the opportunity to buy and then take control of a professional football club – both on and off the pitch.

Every MyFootballClub member will have an equal say in team selection, player transfers and the running of the club.

Members will own the club through their MyFootballClub Trust, and together they will attempt to guide their football club to success.

Buying the football clubThe most popular club, as voted for by MyFootballClub members, and the one that most closely meets the following criteria, will be purchased:
51% or more of the football club shares can be bought.
There is none, or a manageable debt.
The club has the potential to reach the Premiership.
The size of the stadium and the availability of public transport.
The club is amenable to our approach.

Owning the football clubWhen you pay your membership fee, you will become a member of the MyFootballClub Trust.

Your Trust will purchase a controlling interest in the football club, in effect making you a joint owner of your football club.Your Trust share certificate will be sent to you by e-mail.

The membership fee:
The MyFootballClub membership fee is £35.
£27.50 will go towards purchasing a football club, buying new players and other club expenditure.
£7.50 will go towards the administration of the MyFootballClub Trust and the building and management of the MyFootballClub website.

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